Online jobs are the jobs which we can call a Home-based job,a part-time job, a work which we are doing from a home Sitting to a computer or laptop. Online Jobs are easy to do but it requires some skills and a little hard work. In Pakistan, many freelancers are earning more than 1000$ per month from doing online jobs/work sitting a computer or laptop with a cup of coffee. But many people have a question in their mind that “is online work is real, and do they pay?”. So the answer is Yes. Online jobs are absolutely real and they do pay, However, if someone tells you that you can make a very large amount of money in a very short time, then that’s most likely a scam. Yes, you can make money From online jobs, but it takes hard work and effort. No shortcuts. If you are looking for online Jobs in Pakistan than here is some of my suggestion for you to do in 2019.

1.Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a method where a retailer, merchant or brand can acquire customers by using an “affiliate network” to put ads, banners or information on third-party websites or facebook page. If you have a Facebook page with a good number of followers or a blog then you can put the ads of that brand and get a commission from them for every product sold. In Pakistan, you can try Affiliate program or Affiliate program. There is alot of more other sites you can search for them.

  • Affiliate program : is the leading E-commerce platform, with thousands of product listings and millions of users per month. Whether you are a large network, website owner, content site, blogger or an individual entrepreneur, the Affiliate Program offers you a great opportunity to partner with us and earn commissions.

2. Start a Blog

If you have a creative mind, and you can express it in words then start a blog. If your blog is unique and has a good number of visitors on your blog then you can earn pretty much money from it.
One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. You can directly sell advertising on your blog, If you end up with enough traffic, advertisers may come directly to you and ask you to place their ad on your Blog. But if you rally want to earn from your blog you will have to Create Quality Content for your blog.

3. Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer with a decent set of skills and want to use those skills to earn money online, the following sites will help you achieve this goal. Graphic Designer can create a logo, or any other Graphic Animation work and can easily earn 1000$-1500$ a month. Following are the sites where you can work as a graphics designer and earn alot.

4. Online Teacher

There are many platforms on the internet where you can directly enroll yourself and start teaching online. It will be a quick and easy way to start with Online job. If you are good at any the subject or you have teaching skills you can earn from here.

Here is the list of few online teaching platforms which will help you in doing online jobs from home.

5. Data Entry

Data entry jobs online pakistan are frequently the bait in work-at-home scams, so check out all data entry opportunities carefully. You can do Data entry online jobs in Pakistan from your home.You will just need to find a website who pays for hour works. also share Data entry jobs in the jobs category. You can check them out later. Here is the list of trusted sites who pays for Data entry jobs online Jobs in Pakistan.

6. Becoming a vlogger/Youtuber

Video blogs (also known popularly as Vlog) are not simply for entertainment purpose; you can make real money as a Vlogger. Vlogging is making a video and uploading it to youtube or any other video platform. But i will recommend Youtube because youtube pays well on a good number of traffic on your videos have.Actually, vlogger does not earn from traffic, then earn when the visitor click on the ad. There are several ways you can money on Youtube:

  • Become a YouTube Partner and make money from ads.
  • Make money on YouTube by selling products or merchandise.
  • Crowdfund your next creative project.
  • Let your audience support your work through “fan funding”.
  • License your content to the media.
  • Work with brands as an influencer or affiliate.

7. Ecommerce Store Owner

The most popular example of eCommerce is online shopping, which is defined as buying and selling of goods via the internet on any device. This one is my best method of earning Online money in Pakistan, E-commerce is all about building your online store website from home and selling it like,, and more other sites but they are bigger brands. You still can create and start from nothing but as the time passes you can still earn great amount of money from your small online business.
Before you build your online store you need to know what to sell and how to source it. Firstly you need to find a niche, for example, fitness, technology, bodycon/summer dresses, shoes etc.


There are still 100 of ways doing Online Jobs In Pakistan ,but here we have not discuss it . Online jobs requires a skills, time, and patience for the outcome. But if you will start from today you can get your goal in few days or a month.

If You Are Good At Something, Never Do It For Free.
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