The Young Development Fellows (YDF) programme will bring together 220 emerging leaders during period of five years (up to 40 each year) from around Pakistan. YDF will be a one-year programme with built in “stretch/learning assignment” where they will gain valuable on job experience. They will be a member of team where they are expected to make significant contribution towards the unit’s work programme while gaining a broad overview of Planning Commission’s policies and functions. The YDF will provide an opportunity to the Pakistan’s young leaders to learn from the experience of the Planning Commission and other economic ministries/divisions involved in policy formulation. They will be attached and assist to the Chiefs/ Heads of the Sections of Planning Commission in Policy formulation and research fieldwork and will work under their supervision. YDF will be assigned projects and studies in connection with Pakistan 2025 programme and other specified duties relevant to their field. They may be assigned tasks/ projects in other ministries. They will be encouraged to take initiatives and produce quality of work/ideas independently. The respective Chief// Head of Section will prepare detailed TORs for each YDF. The performance of the YDF will be reviewed quarterly. Under the proposed programme, eminent national scholars will be brought together to teach them for a tailor made training programme at PPMI. A training program will be arranged for each batch of YDF.


  • To enhance capacity of young Pakistanis un the area of relevant to planning commission i.e. development, strategic planning, performance management and evaluation, project management/appraisal, public policy formation and development communication.
  • To provide a holistic learning experience which will open minds and broaden perspectives.
  • To nurture creativity , collaboration, empathy and adaptability.
  • To train essential skills needed for research, problem solving, communication and management which will help transform idea into action.
  • To spark new ideas and create opportunities for personal and professional growth for the YDF under the guidance of experienced officers of Planning Commission.
  • Capacity building of the officers of Planning Commission.

Area/Field of Interest

  • Economics and Finance
  •  Social Sector
  •  Energy
  •  Science & Technology/ICT
  •  Governance and Public Policy
  •  Private Sector
  •  Infrastructure Development
  •  Food and Agriculture

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